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Mental Health Services


Rounding Providers has a network of mental health clinicians including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and nurse practitioners who provide care in the home, long-term care facilities, clinic, and inpatient settings. As an integrated team, RP’s community of clinicians provide a spectrum of mental health services including treatment for depression, anxiety, dementia, and behavioral disturbances.

Long Term Care


RP partners with long term care facilities to provide psychotropic drug management, psychotherapy, and behavior management to meet the needs of their residents while also assuring compliance with regulations. In most cases our services are performed at no cost to the facility as we bill Medicare and third party payers. Nearly 2/3 of LTC residents suffer with mental health issues often not fully addressed. Whether patients are having challenges with transitioning to a facility or suffering with end stage dementia we can assist them in achieving the highest quality of life possible.


Hospital & Inpatient Facilities


RP partners with hospitals and mental health facilities to provide medical directors and psychiatric consultation. We also set up mental health clinics in conjunction with hospitals and health systems.



rounding providers mental health services
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