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We are professional and agile.

Our work environment includes:

  • Flexibility

  • Autonomy

Rounding Providers (RP) is an independent practice association and practice management company. The primary goal of RP is to be a strategic and management partner for clinicians. We provide skilled leadership, management infrastructure and strategic direction.

We're looking for Nurse Practitioners to join our established medical team. The successful candidate will be responsible for either primary care or psychiatric services to our patients, and will provide care in one or more skilled nursing facilities. We're seeking someone who stays up-to-date on current medicine and is an active member of their professional community.


  • Give primary care treatment to patients OR

  • Give psychiatric treatment to patients.

  • Perform routine screenings of patients.

  • Order and interpret lab tests and other diagnostic procedures in patients.

  • Make diagnoses and develop treatment plans in patients.

  • Adjust medications

This is an independent contractor position with high income potential based on your work effort. Offers significant flexibility and autonomy with clinical and operational support. Must be eligible to bill Medicare.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $121,306.79 - $301,616.49 per year

Medical specialties:


  • Primary Care

  • Psychiatry


Standard shift:


  • Day shift


Weekly schedule:


  • Choose your own hours


Work setting:


  • Nursing home




  • Certified Nurse Practitioner (Preferred)


Work Location: On the road

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